Be Ready With JUS For Any Situation

Nowadays everyone has a busy life and is always on the go. Thus, we created JUS! Our research indicates successful, reliable and accessible need to have a charged phone -- obviously! Whatever your lifestyle is, JUSPAK will you give the power you need, when you need it.

Special Events

Why is it that every time you are at the event of the year and dancing the night away you notice your battery quickly draining. Which means no more pictures, videos, or posting stories, all because you need to conserve battery. With JUSPAK, you won’t need to “conserve” the juice, simply plug it in to your phone and get a 40% jolt of battery JUS. Go ahead live a little 😉

Outdoors Activities

Who doesn’t love being outdoors? Whether it’s camping, hiking, jogging, or a day at the beach. Nothing ruins the fun more than being stranded with a phone and no JUS. With JUSPAK your Android or Iphone device will always be charged and ready for your next adventure, no matter where it happens to be.

Emergency Situations

Our parents always taught us to plan for emergencies. With the recent trend of disastrous super storms, major floods, and hurricanes, having emergency power is key to survival. With a 6-month shelf life, you can count on JUSPAK’s tiny disposable 1000 mAh Li-polymer battery to keep you and your family safe.

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